Why do people hire a Professional Organizer?

People hire a Professional Organizer when they realize that they need help with their home or office. They recognize that a Professional Organizer has unique talents, time and expertise that they might not possess. They value the restored order and free time that is returned to them.

How much does it cost to hire a Professional Organizer?

The cost of hiring a Professional Organizer is dependent upon the amount and type of work to be performed.

For example, a Home Office typically takes 15 hours of service to de-clutter, purchase needed supplies and create and install a new system. Rates for services vary from one company to another.

What if I don’t want to organize everything in my home or office?

We organize only what the client wants to deal with.

I’ve seen organizing shows on T.V, and the Professional Organizer makes them give up things they like. What if I don’t want to do that?

We support our clients to live and work in a comfortable environment. If the amount of items they possess  prevents them from doing that, then we make suggestions to improve it. We do not force anyone to give up things they aren’t ready to let go of.

What if I don’t know where to get things I need to get organized?

We can either purchase, bring them to your home/office and install them or source items for you.

What happens to the things I don’t want or need anymore?

When a client has items that they no longer want, need or use we can take them to the place of your choosing such as: charities, consignment, sell privately, shelters or family/friends. We can remove it from your home or office and deliver it to the recipient.

How do you get so much done, so quickly?

We are 100% focused on organizing our clients’ space.  This focus gives us the ability to ignore distractions and stay on track until the job is done. We work hard and efficiently, putting our years of experience and expertise to use.