Today, many bathrooms are being transformed into a spa like oasis. In order to create this feeling, you need to de-clutter the space. 

Start with the surfaces. Are you keeping too many grooming items, medicines or decorations on the counter, tub surround or shelves?



Once you have de-cluttered the surfaces, open the cupboards and tackle the inside areas. Take any unused or stale dated medications to your local pharmacy for safe disposal. Donate any new products that you know you won’t use. Used products have to be safely thrown out.

When you have removed the unwanted items, determine if you can improve on the utilization of the space. Do you need stacking baskets, plastic drawers or internal shelving? There are many stores that specialize in products to help you organize your items.

Be sure to clean all surfaces and inside areas after the de-cluttering for a sparkling clean bathroom.

When you are finished with de-cluttering, you can decide if your bathroom needs a fresh new look by painting/wallpapering, buying new towels, shower curtain, mats, accessories or replacing hardware.

All of this process can transform your bathroom into the oasis of your dreams.