Home Moving Preparation

We all know that moving is a stressful experience. Our job is to make your move as stress free as possible. We pride ourselves on making it a seamless experience for you. We do this by using the five P’s of moving…Planning, Purging, Packing, un-Packing and Putting away.




The first step in having a stress free move is to plan it well. We meet with the client at the existing location and plan out all the details of the move:

  • purging/packing

  • using a  floor plan for furniture placement for new location

  • moving date/book movers

  • arrange other service providers (painters, handymen, cleaners etc.) from our roster of Trusted Service Professionals


Purging is a very important process to do in any move. Ideally, it should be done at the start of a move, when your energy is at its highest. The end of a move is when your energy is at its lowest, as you are fatigued from all the work of the move.

Purging is the process of deciding whether you want/need or use items. If you do not want the item(s) there are three things that can be done with it - throw it out (only if it’s garbage), recycle,  donate it (to a charity of your choice) or sell it (auction, consignment, or private).

After the Purging process is complete, all the items that are being kept can be packed and labeled for the new location. 


We will work with the realtor and client to plan the staging of the home (making the home look great) for sale. We provide all labour and manage other suppliers (cleaners, painters, repairmen), to get the house on the market as soon as possible. We want to help you get the best offer for your house.

If your home requires a more extensive staging process, (renting furniture, accessories etc.),  we can connect you with other professionals who provide these services. (Insert link to Trusted Service Professionals)


During the Planning phase, we will ascertain if it is more cost effective/expedient for us to pack or for the movers to pack. Packing is time consuming and has to be done correctly to ensure your goods are protected from damage. If a client decides to pack themselves, we will show them on how to do it properly.

Un-packing & Putting Away

Un-packing and putting away is also a time consuming activity. Every space is different, so when you move into a new home, nothing will fit like it did in the previous home.  You have to figure how where to put each item to make it ergonomically friendly (putting it away where it makes the most sense). As well, all the packing materials have to be removed and disposed.