Children’s Room


Your child’s bedroom can be quite challenging to organize and maintain. Not to despair, there is hope. Every child is different in their tastes and habits.

As their parent, you know if it’s better to de-clutter with them present or not. If you start doing this process when they are young, then it becomes second nature to them that this is part of life. As always, start with surfaces before going into the closet or drawers.

If they have too many items on their dresser, bookcase or other surfaces, help them to decide what to let go. You can donate toys, clothes, shoes & books etc. to charity, consign or give to someone you know who could use it. Children appreciate that someone else can use their belongings and it helps to foster a generous spirit. Clean the areas that are being de-cluttered to re-fresh it.

When you are finished de-cluttering, decide if your child’s room needs an update. Do you need to paint, buy new bedding or change the window dressing or art work? A fresh look can be a strong motivator for them to keep their room in order.