Recreation Room

The Recreation room is often the area where children can play more boisterously & may contain toys.

It can also be where there is an entertainment area for the family, laundry & storage.



Due to the fact that this space can have multi-functions, it is important to have it well organized.

Begin by purging all unwanted/un-used items in each area. If the items are in good condition, they can be donated or sold.

If there is storage in the recreation area, it’s a good idea to have easy access shelving to contain all items left from the purge. Storage areas tend to get dusty/dirty so it’s best to clean all areas & use stackable plastic containers for long term storage items, to avoid any possible moisture issues. Be sure to label the containers for easy retrieval.

If a recreation room contains children’s toys, then you will want to contain them. Plastic/wicker or wood baskets/boxes are great for this. They can be labeled with words or pictures to help children find and put their toys away.

Toys can be difficult to organize because of the different sizes & number of pieces. Toys that contain a lot of pieces, such as Lego or small doll accessories, need individual labeled containers to keep them organized. There are a variety of containers available or units that can be used to keep toys in order. (insert link to favourite stores)

Larger items like hockey/lacrosse sticks, baseball bats etc. can be placed in a tall container (i.e. garbage can) to stop them from falling over.