What Customer Satisfaction Sounds Like


"What started as a One-to-One meeting, ended with my offices getting organized by The Company of Organizers and all I can say is WOW!! You certainly bring a high level of energy and tenacity to getting spaces organized.

Just having celebrated our 2nd anniversary, Speedpro Imaging has grown through the strengths of getting the job done on time and, over time, we have gotten away from the organized system we had when we started. While not worthy of an episode of “Hoarders,” we did have a few areas in our business that were not as efficient as they could be and not as tidy as they should be. “I’ll get to it later,” I said.

From the initial walk-through of the business, you asked questions about what we did in different rooms, why we stored inventory where/how we did, and got a sense of how I wanted it to work. You made immediate suggestions based on employee feedback and operational workflow, and made some quick fixes to boost the reception area.

During the days on-site, you kept probing me about why things were the way they were and forced me to confront my own indecision to deal with this NOW.

I want to say thank you for your service, I know we are not done yet and will want you back to tackle other areas in 3-4 months. I will recommend your services to other business that want to reclaim lost space and make the most of the space they have."

J. Trudeau P.Eng. - Speedpro Imaging

"A couple of months ago my wife and I were contemplating the gargantuan task of downsizing our worldly belongings from a 4-bedroom, 5000+ sq. ft. house to a much smaller 3-bedroom bungaloft. My wife’s health is not good, and so I would be doing most of the work myself. I must admit that with so many downsizing decisions to make, I had no clue where to even start, and the longer I thought about it, the more stressed-out I became.

I finally realized that I would need help; another pair of hands for help with moving objects, someone with a knowledge of downsizing processes, and someone who would be familiar with local service providers such as cleaning companies, moving companies, packing material suppliers, dumpster providers, etc. I did an internet search and came across The Company of Organizers. I read the list of services that you provide and realized that it was made to order for me. Everything I thought I needed was right there on the list, so I gave you a call.

Now that the hard work has been finished, the house sparkles and is on the market. Approximately 1.8 tons of unwanted materials have been removed, along with most of the original stress. Feedback from realtors and potential buyers has been positive, and we are optimistic that the house is presenting its best side to prospective buyers.

I could not have done the job without your help and guidance! You not only arrived each day with a well-planned itinerary, but rolled up your sleeves and pitched in on the heavy carrying and moving. Your staging experience provided us with the incentive to throw out unnecessary items, and to re-arrange the remainder to present them in the best possible light.

Thanks again, Liz, and please be sure that I will heartily recommend your services to those in need! In fact, I already have!"

P. Dakin (Homeowner)

"Liz Manore has given me a new lease on life.

She tackled the clutter in my house with efficiency and a sense of humour. Her approach is positive and she is understanding and kind, as this is a very emotional experience for me.

She says that I am the keeper of family treasures and I have a lot of them. Liz is gently persuasive which works well in helping me to “let go.”

My California daughter-in-law says that the house feels lighter and she is quite right. Liz works very hard, takes the items away and cleans thoroughly, so when she leaves, all is well.

Liz is like a “breath of fresh air” who has enriched my life."

S. Leitch (Homeowner)

"De-cluttering an area is the most exhilarating experience … once it’s done.

I felt overwhelmed by the stuff we had accumulated in the basement. Even though I am a very well-organized person and had started some months ago to take it box by box, I still felt I was getting nowhere. I decided to hire Liz to come and help me.  It was the best decision I ever made. She works fast, is dependable and very thorough. The difference a few hours made was nothing short of incredible. I hired her to come back another time and will have her back again.

Getting rid of stuff, clearing out, throwing out, and re-organizing a space is like a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend Liz Manore and I tell all my friends and clients about her."

S. Seipt - L'Exquisite Day Spa for Women and Men

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Company of Organizers for a number of years. They are great people to work with. They are efficient in their organization, extremely motivating and get you to act and make decisions on the spot. I use their services as a personal treat to myself.

By the time they have completed their work you are left with a great sense of achievement and success. They are masters of detail and think of everything you may not consider; labeling containers, taking care of extras such as disposables and re-usable goods being taken to Goodwill.

I would highly recommend their services to anyone."

L. Applegath - CIBC Wood Gundy

"A little ditty about Liz Manore, the Organizor

I called Ms. Lizzy in a Tizzy, please come and help me organize my stuff cause it’s makin’ me Dizzy.

She walks in the door, this Organizor, with tools on hip, ready to get rid of s**t.

With stealth-like precision, Liz informed me it was time to make some hard decisions. We started attacking loose papers. Are we filing, acting or tossing, she says. I looked at her like she had two heads.

THE PRESSURE, THE PRESSURE, have mercy I cry. She looks at me and smiles with gleam in her eye, don’t worry my Dear all will be fine once we show this chaos who’s boss, you will see how easy it is to toss.

So, all kidding ASIDE, A BIG HUGE thanks to Liz for helping me to get ORGANIZED"

T. Watson - Su Casa Home Staging & Re-Design

 "Thank goodness for Liz Manore and The Company of Organizers. She helped me to survive the overwhelming confusion of a lengthy divorce process with its sea of paperwork and complex household chaos. Liz kept me focused by creating a positive direction through the maze of emotional and organizational turmoil. She created a personal user-friendly filing system for my paperwork. With perseverance and talented persuasion, Liz worked with me to organize my excessive wardrobe, basement, storage and whirlwind garage. She arranged the appropriate contractors for my home renovations. I worked with another staff member, Anita, to develop a system for the organization of my photographic memorabilia. The Christmas season brought joy and stress relief as Liz helped me manage and design Christmas with all its décor, dinner organization, and gifting.

I highly recommend Liz Manore and The Company of Organizers. Her friendly and compassionate disposition and her sensitive ability to communicate have been a strength to me during the rebuilding of my life and home. She is an efficient and effective leader with high organizational skills. It is a pleasure to work with a person who receives such self-fulfillment and happiness doing what comes naturally.

I have left the best part to the end. Liz saved my life. One day, I choked on a piece of bread. Liz grasped the severity of the situation and with great calm and expertise, she assured me that she knew how to do the Heimlich Maneuver. Liz did do the Heimlich Maneuver and I lived to tell the tale. I am pleased to be alive to write this testimonial

A. Townsend (Homeowner)

"Over the years, The Company of Organizers (previously Willful Units) has been of tremendous help to me.

Initially, I needed help with organizing a good filing system, to keep track of a considerable influx of papers regarding our busy household. The filing system has helped organize my life. Liz Manore has been consistent and reliable in helping me keep up the organization in an increasingly busy and complex life.

Later on, she helped set up my company filing systems and organization. The organization has been efficient and makes work at home easier. Liz Manore has helped me to keep the systems working and organized, and I could not have done it without her dedicated assistance.

It’s been a pleasure working with Liz. I strongly recommend her services to simplify and organize both private and business circumstances. Liz is very energetic and having her come to you will surely force you to work hard. When she’s left, you will have accomplished a lot!"

I. Vlessing - NES Designs Inc.

"Bill and I wish to thank you so much for coming to our home and organizing Bill’s office. Your take-charge attitude impressed Bill and made him want to help to get things done. It is now an extreme pleasure to go into his office and to be able to find everything we need right at our fingertips.

I took your suggestions and purchased files to keep all invoices and receipts in one place. What a difference it makes to be able to reach into a folder and find what you are looking for!

You are very professional and a pleasure to work with. Thank you again!"

B. Guilfoyle (Homeowner)

"If you’re in need of assistance with decluttering, organizing and any of the services you see on this list below, I highly recommend Liz Manore at The Company of Organizers!

Liz was crucial to my move last year and has continued to make my life easier in my current Little Cave with her expertise and creative organizational skills. I learned some techniques I still use to stop accumulating and hanging on to stuff that “Oh, I can use this one day.”

(Note Bene: these techniques do NOT apply to purses)

I was actually pleasantly surprised to learn of all these services she does provide and thought I’d share them as an FYI."

E. Kowalska (Homeowner)

"Our personal space at home is quite chaotic, due in part to the demands of being foster parents and storing a large number of items of clothing, toys, backpacks, etc. for children of various ages and both sexes. As our own children grew older and more children came in and out of the house, our very large finished basement became an unmanageable junkyard of sorts, home to all manner of things we may or may not need, and the task of reclaiming the space and getting the use we needed out of it seemed too daunting to manage.

We engaged Liz in the spring of 2015 to assist in reclaiming this space. She brought an enthusiasm and energy to the task we would not have found on our own. The work she does is very physically demanding, but she was seemingly tireless and now we have useful storage, an exercise room, and lots of open space where before we had nothing but boxes, bins, and loose items piled waist-high over an 800-plus sq. ft. area.

If you’ve reached the point where you are ready to take action, but the task seems overwhelming, Liz will get you through it, and is worth every penny. I would be happy to answer any questions you many have for me about our experience with Liz."

L. Campbell- Campbell Bader LLP

"I just want to take this opportunity to, again, offer you my sincere and deepest thanks for all the tremendous help and support you accorded me over these past eight months.

I’m extremely grateful to you for over-seeing the sorting and disposition of such a labyrinth of clutter. I was so fatigued and overwhelmed after struggling with that seemingly never-ending entanglement for so many years. You tossed me a life-preserver at a time when I most needed it.

My warmest thanks, too, not only for your diligence, determination, and expertise, but for fulfilling the assignment with such concern, support, and encouragement. Not only did you know exactly what to do and have a flair for doing it well, you marshalled all aspects with precise care and guidance while still, simultaneously, respecting my general goals and wishes. It was indeed an immense pleasure working with you. Your assistance has meant much more than you’ll ever know.

I had wanted to have the enclosed prepared for you on moving day – but, of course, I was still struggling against the clock, as usual, and regretfully had not gotten around to it by the time zero-hour arrived.

During one of our earlier Toronto “packing sessions,” I recall your voicing the opinion that you also harboured an affection for the madcap adventures, bumbling slapstick and simpler, gentle humour of the old-time vintage film comedies. Here, then, are a couple of sample from the collections currently available. I hope they bring both you and your family some pleasant, diverting moments and, perhaps, a few chuckles as well.

I hope, too, that this reaches you before your impending change of address. All Best Wishes for a successful move. With you at the helm, I’m sure it will be.

Again, many, many, many thanks!"

G. Mastine (Homeowner)

"Thank you so very much for the impact you have made on both my business and personal life! It is amazing to experience both the external transformation and also even more staggering the internal transformation as a result of clearing and re-organizing.

You have helped me with setting up systems in my office when you had no experience in my industry and yet these systems are translating into a greater efficiency in my business!

After tackling my workplace now my home office is just as beautiful and I feel so good having all of my business at my fingertips because I can put my finger on anything I need in “5 seconds or less.”

Decluttering and purging does more than just make a room feel open and organized – it also energizes the space and gets rid of past things that are no longer serving us.

I would HIGHLY recommend you to everyone I know – we all need help going through our things and having you as a professional oversee the project from start to finish gives a focus and clarity that we are unable to do for ourselves.

I am now enjoying my space even more, and relieved that the “clutter and stagnant energy” I have been holding on to for years has now finally found its resting place outside of my home and office. You are caring, you see things through and have a unique ability to help make huge transformations in the area that you work. I would be happy to refer you as I believe everyone should experience the thrill of space clearing with your help!"

D. Vilas - The Mortgage Centre

"Moving is more often than not a nightmare of an experience. 
My moving experience was emotionally challenging, stressful, overwhelming and Yes - positively memorable. 

The "positivelymemorable" part is all thanks to Liz and The Company of Organizers -  who is referred toin our home as "Liz - the ultimate whiz." Liz was referred to me by a friend whose Parents had hired Liz to help them "rightsize" to a condo after living in their family home for some 40 years. My friend gave Liz rave reviews and so I decided to meet with her. 

I hired Liz on the spot. Her professionalism and confidence won me over in no time.

Liz created a packing and purging schedule for us and we were ready to embark on our emotional and awesome moving journey .

Liz's schedule worked out perfectly. What tremendous foresight! I was most impressed.  By her last visit , we were ready for moving day. By the way-- the movers exclaimed regarding how well packed the boxes were and how professionally organized the labeling system of the boxes and other items was. 

So what can I share with you about Liz?  Truthfully, there are so many exceptional qualities with which Liz is gifted. Let me elaborate. Liz is exceptionally focused, hard - working, organized and no -  nonsense. Not a moment is wasted. Liz is overflowing with helpful ideas, knowledge, and expertise in packing and unpacking, purging and organizing any area of one's home.

Beyond the demanding physical work, Liz is an exceptionally compassionate woman. During the very emotionally challenging times of the move, Liz was so exceptionally understanding, sympathetic and empathetic. Liz was able to commiserate with me as though we were old friends who had journeyed through life together. 

I could not have managed my move without Liz. She was truly a treasure sent my way.  As well, I could not have managed the unpackingand setting up of my new significantly downsized home without Liz's help every step of the way. 

Liz possesses exceptional wisdom and knowledge. These traits enhance the quality of her work and make her presence and company so wonderfully enjoyable. 
Not surprisingly, Liz and I have created a very special bond of friendship which I cherish. 

As you have noticed, the common descriptive thread running through the fabric of my Testimonial is the adjective - Exceptional!  Indeed, because "exceptional" sums up who Liz is - an Exceptional lady with an Exceptional work ethic, and an Exceptional heart of gold.

With certainty, I highly recommend Liz and the Company of Organizers."

Rosie R. (Homeowner)